Dear friend,

We want to introduce ourselves: we are fifty-two year old twins, Gretchen and Belinda, who become very ill, both with Environmental Illness and Chronic Lyme disease and Belinda with heart disease, and are unable to work. Our lives turned upside down six years ago, both at the same time. We now struggle to save ourselves and we are reaching out to you for help.

Several years ago we faced homelessness. Since our illness struck at the same time and was so sudden we didn’t have income. There was a point when our family gave us all they had to support us but later came a point when they told us they were unable to take us in due to their circumstances. One can imagine our fear and stress during this time as we entered the final few months before homelessness.

Originally from New York City we now live in Upstate New York. We recently moved out of subsidized housing into a friend’s house. We fought and won our disability claims and now have a monthly income. But the government assistance we receive in the form of disability payments is such a small amount, that we are over our basic necessities each month. Since we use natural medicine, insurance does not cover the cost of our treatment. In addition, Medicaid will not cover Belinda's oxygen. We also both can eat only organic food, due to our allergy conditions.

We receive food stamps but it does cover a large portion of what we need monthly for food. So, all of this creates a terrible shortage in what we need financially.

Belinda’s physical problems began at a very young age. Since her teens she was plagued with chronic and incapacitating headaches, but the cause could not be determined. When she was in her late twenties she started to become allergic to more and more medications including anesthesia and antibiotics. When she was in her thirties she began to have food allergies as well as more allergic reactions to medications. She was having frequent and severe reactions, during which she was thrown into uncontrollable spasms, fighting to breathe and to stay conscious, her throat often closing up. Doctors have diagnosed Belinda as having a condition caused by toxins from the environment, termed Environmental Illness, as well as heavy metal poisoning from dental fillings. She has more recently been diagnosed with “Leaky Gut Syndrome,” a condition that is on the rise from the overuse of antibiotics, Advil and anti-inflammatory drugs as well as parasitic problems. This causes the deterioration of the stomach and intestinal walls and so the body reacts as if it is allergic. She has also survived tooth extractions with only acupuncture to help the pain and decades of terrifying allergic reactions. Her life has been a lesson in bravery.

Then Belinda suffered a heart attack in 2010 and we could not use regular methods to treat her condition due to her allergies to medications. Her allergies are so severe that her throat closes and she goes into shock from any medication. At that time we made a decision to try to save Belinda’s life without drugs that would most likely kill her. She is now with a natural Cardiologist and natural doctors who are working to reverse the illness with natural alternatives for heart disease. She is on oxygen. Due to her limited diet because of her allergies, she now has vitamin deficiencies as well. All of her problems will take time but are treatable.

Gretchen was an able-bodied person with her own psychotherapy practice. She became weak and unable to work about the same time and is diagnosed with Environmental Illness (causing severe allergies), Chronic Fatigue and a new diagnosis of Lyme disease. The Lyme disease is being treated with natural medicine which is widely used today to treat Lyme. She can eventually make a full recovery.

Our severe allergies have been a struggle and for years a huge challenge to hold on and survive. Though a challenge, our past was full of great moments of joy and much fulfillment. Gretchen devoted herself to helping others and was very gratified by her work. Belinda, an artist, designed and sold her beautiful hand sewn crafts. She sang and played guitar. Both of us inherited a zest for life, for art, for music, animals, nature, and caring about others.

We are fighting, as many are these days with their health, to recover. We hang on to the hope of getting well and the hope of being given the gift of completing the second half of our lives. We live in an area with like-minded people who understand that natural medicine can heal the body in miraculous ways. We pray we can find others who, with their big hearts, will reach out and help us make that happen.

We didn’t know before, but now we do, what it is like to have no choice in order to survive but to ask others for help. We understand that not everyone has the ability to do so, but if you do, it means the difference between affording medicine or not, having oxygen or not. It means the difference between suffering or not. It will mean the difference between surviving or not.

For those who feel they can, we ask if you would consider making donations on a monthly repeating basis, even a small amount or a onetime donation. It can make the difference in our getting through this. If you can spread the word by sending your friends and contact lists our story it will create a broader audience and help even more.

With our deepest appreciation, Gretchen and Belinda Langner

You may donate through PayPal on our website: by clicking on the donate button or Donations can be made payable to our family friend Andrea Boyce and sent to 2372 Bays Edge Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Gretchen and Belinda can be reached at 845-684-5314.

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